Editor’s note: Following is a fishing report on the Chetek Chain of Lakes, provided by Steve Sedani of Up-Der-North Guide Service out of Chetek.

Crappie anglers are finding some nice crappies as they drift fish the main lakes of the Chetek Chain of Lakes. Anglers drifting water depths of 7-14 feet of water and vertical jigging 1/32 ounce crappie jig tipped with a minnow or a waxie are finding some active crappies feeding as they drift through the schools of crappies suspending out in these water depths.

Bluegill anglers are having some good success when fishing in water depths of 6-9 feet of water where there are some submerged wood structures in the area. Bobber fishing with worms or waxies on a hook works well in these areas. Anchoring a boat or pontoon works best also, to avoid getting snagged up.

Walleye anglers are finding a few eater size walleyes when working the shoreline and gravel areas along the shorelines with live bait rigs. Tipping spinner rigs, jigs and slip bobber rigs with fat head minnows, night crawlers, leeches or small walleye suckers can all work well to entice the walleye pike’s bite.

Also trolling for walleyes at this time of year can work well because they may be suspending on the drop off areas of the main lakes of the Chetek Chain of Lakes. Trolling with artificial baits like the Berkley flicker shad, Rapala shad raps, Huskey Jerk baits, or Cordell crank baits and the famous Salmo crank baits.

Bass anglers are finding bass in the slop and duck weed areas of the bays and creek mouth areas of the Chetek Chain of Lakes. Fishing these high weed vegetation areas with buzz baits or plastic floating scum frogs can work well to get some great top water hits and action. Other anglers are finding bass out in the submerged wood and in water depths of 7-12 feet. Texas rigged worms or Senkos, swim baits or drop shot rigs can all work well to attract the bass’ attention in these areas.

Northern pike anglers are finding some good action when fishing up in the creek mouth areas of the Chetek Chain of Lakes. You will see anglers out fishing with big bobbers. A sucker minnow for bait under the bobbers are getting plenty of action and fish to sort through for their two-fish limit. Casting spinner baits, buzz baits, chatter baits and other surface plugs can entice some nice strikes and action from the lurking pike in these same areas as you drift them.

Trolling weed line edges and shorelines with drop offs and points to them can also work well to cover water and find some active feeding pike.

Good luck to all anglers. Safe travels too, from and on the water.

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