Editor’s note: Following is a fishing report on the Chetek Chain of Lakes, provided by Steve Sedani of Up-Der-North Guide Service out of Chetek.

These end of April showers will give the creeks, rivers and lakes a little flow for this upcoming 2021 Wisconsin fishing opener weekend.

The 2021 Wisconsin fishing opener is looking good weather wise with possible 65-70° days in the forecast and no rain in sight until the following Monday, May 3.

Walleye anglers should find some good walleye fishing this fishing opener. Anglers will find some of them in scattered spots spawning on the main lake shorelines that are just warming up to their spawning temps. Anglers will also find walleyes in their post spawn feed up mode and may run into some nice feeding schools of walleyes to pluck out some nice eater size males for their dinner table.

Jig and minnow rigs work well this time of year with the cooler water temps in the lakes and are simple and inexpensive to use. You really can’t fish it wrong. You can jig it. You can just drag it along the bottom and jig it once in a while. Or you can slowly reel it it and swim it just off the lake bottom occasionally bumping the lake bottom.

If the water is not too cold you can also use night crawlers and leeches on your Jig rig, slip bobber rig or plain hook and sinker rig.

Bass anglers should find the opener good for fishing with the bass being stacked up in schools. You may find them off points where bait is. Or that they are waiting to go to the shallows and start their spawn as the lake temps warm to 60-something in the next few weeks. Spinner baits and shallow running crank bai’s work well to entice their bite or strike.

You may also find bass out in some deeper depths all schooled up and holding on wood structure out in these deeper depths. Deep diving crank baits, swim jigs fished slowly, and drop shot rigs can work well to entice their bite.

Northern Pike should be active this fishing opener with the good growth of weeds in the creek mouth areas and certain bays of the Chetek Chain of Lakes. Spinner baits, chatter baits, weedless spoons and daredevils can work well to entice some nice strikes from the lurking pike hanging in the weed edges and pockets.

Pan fishing anglers should find the fishing opener good also with the warm weather forecast warming up the shorelines of the lakes. With this happening the pan fish will move and feed more consistently along shorelines with fallen trees, docks or weed edges. Bring extra hooks, bobbers and sinkers with you in case you get hung up in the trees a lot.

With the 2021 fishing season and boating season coming up this weekend. Please mind all the no wake zones and areas of the Chetek Chain that are marked with buoys and signs on the bridges around the chain of lakes. Watercrafts and alcohol consumption do not mix. All water craft owners, boaters and all rental boat users please know and use Wisconsin boater safety rules and regulations. Last year we had five boating accidents or incidents on the Chetek Chain of Lakes, which is five too many. Thankfully there was no loss of life for those involved. The next one might not be so lucky.

Keep your rod tip up and your hook baited. Good luck and safe travels to all my fellow anglers.

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