Editor’s note: Following is a fishing report on the Chetek Chain of Lakes, provided by Steve Sedani of Up-Der-North Guide Service out of Chetek.

Crappie anglers are finding some nice crappies as they drift fish in 7-13 feet of water. Vertical jig fishing as you drift seems to be working best to entice the crappies bite. The crappies seem to be hanging tight to the lake bottom in these hot days of June. A 1/32 ounce crappie jig in your favorite colors tipped with live bait such as a crappie minnow, or waxie is working well for baits to get the crappie’s attention. Gulp products such as the minnows and the crappie nibbles can also work well when tipped on your jig for artificial bait fishermen.

Blugill anglers are picking up a few bluegills which are in their post spawn phase after just spawning the last few weeks. You should be able to start catching more of them in the 6-10 feet of water as they start to feed more after their spawning cycle. Bobber fishing or vertical jig fishing can both work well for presenting your bait and hooks tipped with a worm or waxie to the hungry bluegills.

Walleye anglers are catching some walleyes for their dinner table as they slip bobber fish the gravel bars an sandbars with some weed vegetation or growth around them. Tipping your slip bobber rig with a night crawler, leech or a walleye sucker minnow can all do well to entice the walleyes to bite your hook.

Trolling these gravel bars and sandbar areas can also work well in these hot summer days. You can troll these areas with baits such as the Berkley Flicker Shads, Rapalas and husky jerks baits to entice their strikes and bite.

Northern pike anglers are finding some active feeding pike in the bays and creek mouth areas of the Chetek Chain of Lakes. The weed beds are starting to form in the areas and the pike are lurking in and around them feeding on the small bait fish hiding in the forming weed beds. Spinner baits and shallow running crank baits such as a floating Rapala’s and/or type baits will work well to entice their hard strike of your baits.

Bass anglers are finding the bass are starting to feed more after their spawning cycle passed a few weeks ago. You will find the bass along the forming weed beds in the bays and along the shorelines of the bays and main lake shorelines of the Chetek Chain of Lakes. Texas rigged worms or craw rigs, jig and craw combos and crank baits can all work very well and area simple set up to use for anglers to fish these areas for the fighting large mouth bass in the Chetek Chain of Lakes.

Good luck to all anglers and please drink plenty of water when out there fishing in the hot humid days to prevent heat stroke while you fish.

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