Editor’s note: Following is a fishing report on the Chetek Chain of Lakes, provided by Steve Sedani of Up-Der-North Guide Service out of Chetek.

Man, what a beautiful and good fishing weekend it was for anglers fishing the 2021 Wisconsin fishing opener on the Chetek Chain of Lakes.

As I glanced around the lakes while fishing and motoring to and from spots as I fished through the weekend, I’d have to say there was a good number of walleye anglers out fishing the Chetek Chain of Lakes. Many of them were having some good success from what I could tell, seeing them using their landing nets and giving each other fist bumps after landing their fish.

Walleye anglers fishing main lakes’ shore lines on the Chetek chain were finding some nice eater size and occasional slot size walleyes as they fished through the weekend.

Live bait rigs, such as jig and minnow rigs, night crawlers or leeches or Lindy rig and/or slip bobber rigs tipped with either a minnow, night crawler or leech can all work well at this time of year.

Northern pike anglers are finding some good success in the bays and creek mouth areas where there is some good weed growth, submerged wood and cover holding bait fish and panfish to feed on.

Anglers throwing baits like spinner baits, shallow running or floating Rapalas, dare devils, and Johnson silver minnows in these lake areas can work very well to imitate the bait fish they are chasing and feeding on.

Bass anglers are finding some of the bass starting to move towards or are in the the shallow shore lines of the Chetek Chain of Lakes.

Baits such as spinner baits, chatter baits and shallow running crank baits work well when drifting and casting the shoreline docks, weed and submerged wood along these shallow shorelines and cover.

Bluegill and crappie anglers are finding some good action as they fish the fallen down trees and stumps along the shallow shores which are warming up nicely, bringing the pan fish into feed on the small minnows and bugs around the wood structure.

A simple bobber, split shot and hook rig tipped with a waxie, small piece of a earth worm or a crappie minnow will work well to entice their bite.

Good luck to all anglers and safe travels.

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