Experience the magic of autumn canoeing on the Red Cedar River this Sunday, Oct. 17 from 1-4 p.m. This free event is sponsored by a volunteer group, Red Cedar Paddle Trail, Inc.

Paddlers will launch their canoes or kayaks at 1 p.m. from Shudlick Park on Reuter Avenue in Rice Lake where there is car parking.

Paddlers with young children may choose a gentle one-hour float of three miles to the Barron County Sawyer Canoe Landing on 19th Street. This three-mile section has a sandy bottom, steady current, and in no place is the water over waist deep. More experienced paddlers may choose to continue another five miles to Cameron and take out at the Barron County landing on Museum Road. There will be canoe trailers and passenger vehicles at both landings to return canoes and paddlers to Shudlick Park.

For people wanting to experience autumn canoeing but don’t own a canoe, six aluminum canoe outfits, complete with paddles and PFD life jackets, will be available free at Shulick Park on a first-come/first-served basis. The six canoe outfits and 6-canoe trailer are provided free by the nonpprofit North Star Academy in Cameron. Donations to the nonprofit, charter school Academy are welcomed to assist with their award-winning educational program for at-risk high school students in the Barron, Cameron and Chetek school systems. A nine-passenger Chevy Suburban to pull the canoe trailer and transport paddlers back to Shudlick Park is provided by Rice Lake Weighing Systems.

Reservations for the canoe outfits are necessary and can be reserved by emailing gary@canoecraft.org. Those bringing their own kayak or canoe outfits need no reservations. PFDs are required by law for each participant. Anyone bringing beverages in cans or bottles should bring a garbage bag to pack out empties.

Red Cedar Paddle Trail is a non-profit group recently formed to create several canoe/kayak landings on the river in town. 

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