New cases of COVID-19 and hospitalizations from the disease are starting to creep upward again in Wisconsin as cold weather, holiday gatherings and low vaccination rates create conditions that officials caution could erase progress against the pandemic.

On Nov. 9, the pharmaceutical manufacturer Pfizer asked federal regulators to approve an additional dose of its vaccine for those worried about waning immunity. This comes as more children are now eligible for COVID-19 shots.

But surveys suggest some parents want to wait, and as many as 3% of parents with children who are ages 5 to 11 years old will “definitely not” vaccinate them, according to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll.

While children are less likely to get severely ill from COVID-19 than adults, they can still spread the disease to others, and more easily with the delta variant, doctors say.

“Anytime, even in asymptomatic cases, that these children contract covid, they can easily pass it on to anyone in their household or their community,” said Dr. Bill Hartman who is leading a clinical trial of the Moderna vaccine in children 6 months to 4 years old.

In China, two children infected with the virus led to an outbreak of 246 people. COVID-19 spread in schools to then to factories, mostly through family contact, according to a study which hasn’t been peer-reviewed.

On Nov. 9, state health officials reported 3,229 new infections of COVID-19. Cases have been rising since the end of October, along with hospitalizations.

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