Martin F. Schroek, 19, Rusk, Rusk County, and Esther F. Yoder, 20, Dovre.

Trevor D. Free, 19, and Delilah M. Snowbank, 21, both of Maple Plain.

Cornelius L. McGrath, 30, and Caitlin C. Hinrichs, 30, both of Washington, D.C.

Bradley S. Nelson, 38, and Stacy J. Kilmer, 33, both of Stanley.

Jay G. Koenig, 56, and Linda A. Szybeko, 57, both of Rice Lake.

Gerald R. Miller, 35, and Cassandra G. Fengier, 29, both of Rice Lake.

David J. Rowe, 55, and Dawn’nel M. Schultz, 46, both of Rice Lake.

Jasen K. Brookshaw, 34, Milltown, and Amy R. Meyer, 36, Rice Lake.

Shawn B. Ayers, 50, and Heidi L. Irwin, 49, both of Chetek.

Orin J. Hillmam, 28, Cylon, St. Croix County, and Kayla C. Settie, 29, Turtle Lake.

Jordan H. Harelstad, 34, and Megan M. Nohr, 35, both of Chetek.

Michael J. Kazekewicz, 29, and Jennifer L. Swanson, 25, both of Bear Lake.

David Morillo Blandon, 24, Rice Lake, and Chantelle M. Neaman, 25, Stanley.

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