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Summer is officially here, and it will look very different in a COVID-19 pandemic world. UW Health is offering some safety tips for you and your loved ones this summer.

  1. Swimming pools are often a favorite part of the summer season. UW Health wants to remind the public:
    1. Although COVID-19 won’t be transmitted through the pool water, swimmers with their heads above water, near each other, and without a mask will be able to transmit the virus easily to one another. 
    2. Physically distance when at the pool especially if in the water and not wearing a mask.  This can be difficult or impossible if the pool is not limiting the number of people using the pool. Pools with capacity limits that ensure physical distancing are a safer choice for your family.
    3. Outdoor pools are safer because of airflow and ventilation than indoor pools. 
  2. Summer travel is a fun tradition for many. Below are some helpful tips from UW Health on assessing your risk:
    1. Location. Are you traveling to a place with a high number of cases and substantial community spread? A dense population that makes it difficult to physically distance. A destination with a high number of cases and continued community spread or crowds should be avoided to reduce your family’s risk. Outdoor spaces are better than indoor spaces when planning any activity.
    2. Space. Will you be able to physically distance? More people gathering close together in one place increases your risk of contracting COVID-19. 
    3. Face coverings.  Wear a face covering in public to help avoid the virus spreading.  Unless a health condition prevents someone from wearing a mask, anyone over the age of 2 should have a face covering or mask on when in a public place where you are likely to be within six feet of other people.  If others cannot or will not wear a face covering or mask consider an alternate plan or activity to reduce you and your family’s risk of contracting COVID-19.

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