The state Department of Health Services issued an update to health care providers statewide regarding the availability of COVID-19 treatments. Oral antiviral medications for the treatment of COVID-19 are now widely available across Wisconsin. Wisconsinites with symptoms of COVID-19 are urged to test as soon as possible and talk to their healthcare provider to see if any one of the approved COVID-19 treatments will be right for them.

“These effective treatments are a critically important tool to fight COVID-19 for people who are at high risk for severe illness. We urge everyone to accept these treatments when recommended by their doctors,” said Dr. Jonathan Meiman, a DHS chief medical officer. “But please remember, these treatments do not replace the need to stay up to date with your COVID-19 vaccines. Vaccines and boosters are the most effective way to prevent severe illness that may require hospitalization if you get COVID-19.”

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