On Feb. 13, Cumberland police apprehended a suspect wanted for child abduction in San Diego County, California. 

Tyler Jacob Lindsey, 25, had been wanted by authorities since the warrant was issued Feb. 7.

Barron County District Attorney Bryan H. Wright said Tyler Jacob Lindsey was accompanied by a child when he was taken into custody and that the U.S. Marshall Service was involved. Wright classified the relationship between Lindsey and the child as intrafamily. 

Representatives of the U.S. Marshall Service declined to comment for this story.

Lindsey is being held in Barron County Jail on $100,000 bond. His next court date is March 13.

Judge Maureen D. Boyle is scheduled to preside over the hearing and will verify Lindsey’s identity and decide if there is probable cause to suspect him of child abduction. If it is determined there is reason to suspect Lindsey of the charge, he will be extradited to San Diego County, according to Wright.

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