After this country has been faced with the Covid-19 Pandemic, for nearly 2 years. This great Country is facing even more challenges. We have the Border Crisis at our Southern Borders. There is a Workforce shortage, Nationwide. The Disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. We are facing a Supply Chain Crisis. The Economy is on a roller-coaster ride, and making me sick. And the biggest challenge that we're all facing now, is INFLATION.

With our Country in a downward tailspin, and Inflation going sky-high with no end in sight. Do we need to add to the worries of so many households in our Community by raising taxes? The honest answer is NO. Nobody should be trying to increase taxes or tax levies when families are so vulnerable. The Elected Officials making these decisions to raise taxes or spend more money, need to step back and take a good look around at our Communities and the hardships that these households are already facing. Ask yourselves, Is this spending really necessary?

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