Tom Schmitt has been selected as this year’s 4th of July parade marshall in Park Falls, with Tom Herbst as the veteran parade honoree and Peggy Schuelke as the business parade honoree.

Schmitt has been a member of The American Legion for 19 years, and Herbst has been a member for five years, both playing a significant role in planning the Park Falls Independence Day celebrations.

“They've volunteered numerous hours to the American Legion throughout the years and have been an intricate part of the 4th of July celebration through their dedication and service to not only the American Legion but also to this community,” commented Stacie Mollman, a volunteer coordinator for the celebration. “Their leadership, heart, and commitment directly contribute to the overall growth and success of the 4th of July celebration.”

Schuelke has been an employee of the Park Falls BP for almost 30 years, which is a main sponsor for the fireworks display.

“By creating "Fill Up for Fireworks" Wednesday and reaching out to our 4th of July committee on numerous occasions to help our cause, Park Falls BP has positively shifted the momentum of the community, and we have been easily able to fund the fireworks due to the sponsorship of BP and our loyal community members who have filled up every Wednesday,” commented Molllman. “Park Falls BP has pulled our event and this community together by simply caring, and that has made all the difference.”

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