Park Falls mill

A portion of the pulp mill, part of the greater Park Falls paper mill complex in downtown Park Falls, is viewed here looking south west in this November 2019 file photo shortly after the previous owners of the mill, Flambeau River Papers, ceased operations. The mill was operated as Park Falls Pulp and Paper for less than a year before being forced back into receivership.

The Park Falls paper mill, currently known as Park Falls Pulp and Paper and the single oldest ongoing business in the community, once again finds itself in receivership. According to Park Falls Mayor Michael Bablick, a “series of bad management decisions,” brought about the idling of the plant, with the first moves in March of 2021 when a significant layoff of the workforce left many unemployed.

In a recent press release, Park Falls Industrial Management, the organization that runs Park Falls Pulp and Paper, pointed to expected high gas prices as the reason for the idling of the mill. They called the impending shutdown an unexpected “force Majeure,” which is defined as unforeseeable circumstances which would prevent an entity from fulfilling a contract.

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