Hut paddling

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Those familiar with canoe racing may know the term “hut” is used when the person paddling at the back of a canoe wants the person paddling at the front of a canoe to change paddling sides. Even though most of those involved with the Huts group centered in the Park Falls area use kayaks, they thought the name appropriate for their purpose.

Huts is a casual group — there are no membership dues, it is comprised of interested folks who meet every Tuesday evening at 6 p.m. from June through September to paddle a body of water. They make every attempt to be off the water by 8 p.m. for time to socialize. The time frame is flexible, however, in cases of a river trip paddle that requires some shuttling, or if inclement weather makes a late start preferable. At least one time per summer an attempt is made for the paddle to coincide with the full moon, making for later start and finish times. Most recently a paddle took place on Smith Lake near the time of the full moon. The last true full moon paddle was in 2019, taking place on Crowley Flowage.

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