Sea caves

Though the famed Apostle Islands sea caves are again inaccessible this year because of dangerous ice conditions, a hike along the Apostle Islands Lakeshore Trail near Cornucopia gives views almost as good

As I've mentioned before, February is my favorite time of winter, the frigid two weeks we had this year notwithstanding. The days are long enough that you're not racing the sunset every time you want to do something outside, average temperatures are warming rapidly and trees and shrubs are already budding and changing color even this far north. Our brush with the polar vortex undoubtedly led to a lot of cabin fever across our area and around the nation. Now that it's over and before the onset of mud season, it's the perfect time to get out and explore what this beautiful area has to offer.

I've been neglecting writing about trails and outdoor activities lately so I figured that was a good excuse to take a day and visit somewhere I'd never seen in wintertime. (And my bird feeders are sadly still not giving me much to discuss, although my tiny female cardinal friend still comes to visit and still doesn't appear to have a partner.) The Apostle Islands Lakeshore trail is open in winter when conditions permit, and it's a pretty drive over to Cornucopia and $5 to park, so why not check it out?

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