State Assembly Representatives Beth Meyers and Mark Spreitzer with Park Falls Mayor Michael Bablick and local owner and cooperative member Gail Boushon of the Park Falls Gastropub.

Representative Beth Meyers hosted State Representative Mark Spreitzer Saturday, July 27 in Park Falls. Spreitzer is from Beloit and is the Minority Caucus Chair in the State Assembly. Meyers and Spreitzer toured local shops and businesses in downtown Park Falls and were joined by Mayor Michael Bablick and 4th District Alderwoman Dina Bukachek.

“I’m pleased that I am able to showcase Park Falls to a member of our Assembly Leadership team. It’s important for members from all over our state to see the unique and wonderful communities of Northern Wisconsin,” said Meyers.

The reps also had the opportunity to stop by the Park Falls Gastropub and meet with local owner and cooperative member Gail Boushon.

“I was honored to spend the day with Rep. Meyers and see the important role that these small businesses provide for Northern Wisconsin. She has done a great job connecting and communicating with the residents this area,” stated Spreitzer.

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