I was recently reading through the June 28 edition of the Price County Review. There were some very interesting articles in the letters to the editor that caught my attention. Some of these letters were; Airport or Road?, Under the Radar, To pave or not to pave, Profile in Courage, and Wish there were more like you. All of these letters had a few things in common. They pertain to the Price County Board and the Price County Airport.

The subject was about extending the airport or fixing the county roads. What really caught my attention was the part about how the County Board would give as minimal notice about meetings or agenda content that they could get away with. That doesn't give anyone any time to prepare questions or input that they want heard. There was reference to board members playing with their ink pens or just staring into space while community residents were giving their input. One would be absolutely correct in saying how rude that is, not listening to the residents that they're supposed to represent. Some people (including one of their own board members) spoke up against this practice.

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