Justice March 1

Hundreds marched through Ashland Saturday protesting the death of George Floyd, a black Minneapolis man who died May 25 after an officer kneeled on his neck for more than eight minutes.

 Hundreds of demonstrators marched through downtown Ashland Saturday demanding justice for people of color who have been killed by authorities or died in police custody.

Marchers carrying signs and wearing Black Lives Matter shirts hiked from the Bretting Center, circled the Ashland County Law Enforcement center and moved then to the Ashland County Courthouse. Event organizer Mandelyn Lyons, a Northland College student from Marathon in central Wisconsin, said the event was aimed at allowing long-silent people to express their concern about the killing of unarmed black men such as George Floyd and patterns of violence aimed at people of color.


Mandelyn Lyons


David Siegler


Washburn resident Siah Pringle gave an emotional address to the crowd of demonstrators, telling them that she feared for herself and her siblings in the current climate of police violence.


Sarah Hockley

Justice March 3

Demonstrators observed an eight-minute, 46-second period of silence at the demonstration — the length of time an officer kneeled on George Floyd’s neck.

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