deer mouse

This is what I was faced with, pun intended while cleaning out our bird nesting boxes at our Nature Education Center in Fifield this fall. Deer mice had taken over some of the birdhouses and they built nests in them insulated with leaves, grasses, and silk from milkweed seed pods. These mice are nocturnal, and their big, dark eyes help them see in the dark and get them into mischief in our homes, outbuildings, and bird nesting boxes.

You can blame it all on the black bears! It all started in the spring of 2020 when I had to take in our bird feeders every night, so the bears wouldn’t destroy them. To protect the feeders, I placed them on the floor of our workroom in our garage every night and returned them to their outside posts everyday to feed the birds and so on. That is when I noticed it.

I saw sunflower seed shells around the base of the feeders on the workroom floor that shouldn’t have been there. I ignored it for a while and then I heard a funny noise in my car when I turned the fan on — the fan sounded like a motor boat! When I took my car in for an oil change I had them look at the fan to determine what was making the noise. Out comes the car technician with the cabin air filter to my car in his hand with a big pile of sunflower seeds piled on top of it. He said, “You have a mouse problem!”

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