Have you noticed there is a change in the air? I have! Outside I could see my breath this morning. It was 40 F and I think there was a touch of frost in the low-lying bogs. August flew by and now we are into September and you know what that means; the nights continue to get longer, the days shorter, and the fall colors and frosty mornings will be with us in a few short weeks. In other words, lots of things are happening in nature right now as plants and animals get prepared for the upcoming fall and winter. Here are a few examples.

Our American goldfinches are late nesters. They just now are bringing their young into our feeders and teaching them how good our sunflower seeds are. Soon male goldfinches will be molting into drab olive colors after sporting bright yellow colors to attract year-round drab looking females during courtship season that has long passed. Some of the males have already started molting.

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