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Pinus strobus Brantwood is a new dwarf white pine cultivar found as a witch’s broom by Bill Hoffman of Brantwood and developed by and available from Conifer Kingdom in Oregon. It has thin, bright green needles soft to the touch making a nice addition to any garden. (Contributed photo by Bill Hoffman)

Bill Hoffman of Brantwood is a collector of conifers with more than 200 taxa (genus, species, and cultivars) under his care. But his real passion is dwarf conifers. Dwarf conifers are trees that do not reach the normal size as typical for their species. He recently was thrilled to have one of his dwarf conifers, Pinus strobus (white pine) Brantwood, released for sale by

Here is Bill’s interesting story in his own words of how he found and got his new dwarf white pine cultivar developed for others to enjoy:

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