Price County will be one of the many claimants filing to recoup unpaid bills from the Flambeau River Papers mill in Park Falls, which entered receivership May 7.

According to tax records, FRP is delinquent on 2017 and 2018 taxes, totaling $362,192 in parcels in Park Falls and $177.07 for a parcel in the Town of Lake, according to Price County Treasurer Lynn Neeck.

Properties with delinquent taxes are normally sold by the county at a tax sale. Property owners have two years to pay taxes and penalties before losing their property, but Neeck said the in rem foreclosure process actually takes three years.

Neeck was unsure how repayment would look in a receivership situation, but said property taxes are usually secure and the county should see the payment eventually.

The taxing authorities of Park Falls, the Chequamegon School District, and technical college district are all covered by the county when a property becomes tax delinquent.

The total county tax for 2018 was roughly $9.1 million. The City of Park Falls portion of the county levy last year was $713,794, according to Neeck.

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