The Chequamegon and Mercer/Butternut eight-player football teams will compete in the same conference starting in 2020 following approval by the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association Board of Control on Friday.

The decision was part of a greater conference alignment plan establishing seven conferences with six teams each and an additional five-team conference.

Teams from Mellen, Birchwood/Winter, Northwood/Solon Springs, and Washburn/Bayfield will round out the conference with Chequamegon and Mercer/Butternut.

Phillips was placed in a separate conference and is in the central region. Conference teams include New Auburn, Gilman, Lincoln, Bruce, and McDonell Central Catholic.

Each conference is paired with another six-team conference in the region to provide crossover games.

The plan also recommends an eight-game schedule, including five conference games and three crossover games each season. All conference games will count towards a team’s record, although games against schools with over 200 students enrolled will not count against playoff eligibility.

Schools with over 200 students enrolled will not be eligible for the playoffs.

Sixteen teams will qualify for an eight-player WIAA playoff bracket at the end of the season.

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