Park Falls mill

The steam plant facility, part of the greater Flambeau River Papers mill in Park Falls, normally sends a steady plume of steam into the air 24 hours a day. Based on observations, it has not run since June 7.

Although the iconic steam stack isn’t running and many Flambeau River Papers workers have found themselves in the unemployment line over the last week, there is yet a cautious optimism that the Park Falls paper mill will reopen.

After FRP announced it would enter receivership as an alternative to bankruptcy May 7, it notified the Department of Workforce Development it expected to layoff 65 workers by July 8. But the layoffs and paper machine shutdowns occurred a month earlier than expected, when a key customer — believed to be CellMark Paper, based on court records — did not make its regular payment June 5, according to the court-appointed trustee of the business, Rebecca DeMarb. The missed payment led to the mill shutting down its two operating paper machines and calling off most workers around June 7.

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