Boness Dairy Farm

The Boness dairy farm in Butternut.

Butternut dairy farmer and logger, the late Edwin Boness, has a perhaps unusual or perhaps a more typical than has been documented ancestral settlement story. His ancestors arrived via railroad boxcar, which included not only personal belongings; they were accompanied by cows, horses, chickens, pigs, and rabbits, everything to set up a new life. They arrived at the end of the rail line and homesteaded five acres, using trees harvested off the property to build with. The original barn, built of hemlock and black ash, still stands, although it has been added on to over the years and the wood used off the land most recently was elm. Still, the homestead, which has grown in acreage over time, has remained in family ownership for 123 years and counting.

Edwin’s widow, Lisa, has overseen management of the farm for many years, first when Edwin became ill and after his passing in 1999. She credits Edwin’s cousin, Jerry Buechner, for his help and hard work.

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