For over 30 years I taught high school United States History, for several of them it was Advanced Placement United States History. One thing that I could never wrap my mind around was why Jews in Germany who saw the rising popularity of Adolf Hitler and heard what he had to say didn't flee at the first opportunity. Now I am beginning to understand.

When I hear the things that come out of Donald Trump's mouth and see people cheering and clapping and yelling in support it makes me ill and I want to dismiss him as an aberration that can't possibly last. I'm beginning to feel that I might be wrong and I think about emigrating to some other more hospitable place for someone with my political views. But there is an anchor that makes these musings just that, thoughts not to be taken seriously. How could I leave when there is so much to fight for? My family is here, all of my family, both immediate and distant relations. My personal history is here. My roots are here. I've grown up feeling safe. I've been able to teach about ethical behavior for my entire career without being reprimanded or disciplined. I know people in my profession for which this is no longer true but it's still, to me, an aberration that will correct itself.

I confess that I see Bernie Sanders as the last hope (that I have) for us to retake our political and economic systems back from special interests and the corporate elites who can buy and dismiss politicians at will. I want to see the corruption of our system, from corporate media to backroom deals, excised from our system and I believe that Bernie is the only national politician today who can do it. He's the only politician (besides Russ Feingold) that I really have any faith in. For now leaving is not an option so now I know why, in part, the Jews of Germany and Europe were optimistic until it was too late to leave.

As a footnote I might also mention that when many of them did try to leave and actually got out of Germany countries like the United States refused them entry and sent them back to Germany, often to the ovens. Consider the current debate over allowing Muslims into the United States today. I'm not really optimistic at this point but I will work for Bernie until the end.

Personal view of Edward Busby,

Park Falls

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