I have wanted to write about the many ways my “adopted” state of 39 years is being dismantled and losing its long-standing reputation for good and honest government. However, that will have to wait, because there’s yet another very damaging piece of legislation “speeding” through the GOP-controlled legislature. It is so outrageous, that we ALL should protest this one!

I write of Assembly Bill 554 and Senate Bill 432, which are referred to as the “Fast Track to Water Privatization Bill,” which would allow for out-of-state companies to buy up Wisconsin’s municipal water systems, WITHOUT our approval. We would have no say in the quality/safety of our water, nor the cost (which would surely go up), and the outside company would not be accountable to us, as our current municipal providers are.

One must ask, “Why is this legislation needed?” The fact is that it ISN’T needed. It is another example of selling out to large corporations what should be in control of our Wisconsin residents. We deserve clean, affordable water, controlled by our local municipalities.

We need to express our outrage directly to Gov. Walker, by email: govgeneral@wisconsin.gov; by phone: 608-266-1212; or letter: Office of Governor Scott Walker, 115 East Capitol, Madison, WI 53702.

We must act quickly before we lose more of what we love about Wisconsin.


Irene Johnson


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