What is it to be handicapped? Must one be elderly, in a wheelchair, or use a cane? Those are the first images that come to mind, but I am none of them. I am a middle aged man of large build who walks unaided and drives a large 4x4 work truck. Apparently some people believe this means I am not handicapped as I get criticized for legally parking in handicapped spaces. I can walk on level, hard ground but have problems everywhere else. I drive a large truck because I am a large man. I can slide in and out of it as opposed to squatting down into a car only to climb up out of it later. And my truck looks like a work truck because it is. I go to work every day supporting myself despite the pain, discomfort, and difficulties I suffer. So to those of you who are so quick to criticize me, I ask next time you think first. Perhaps then you’ll open your hearts instead of your mouths.


Anthony Thorp


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