I’ve compared the rate of my last health insurance premium prior to implementation of the Affordable Care Act to my new rate for 2016. During this three-year period, my costs have risen 112 percent. I am ineligible for government assistance, my policy is already at the highest deductible possible, and so I have no choice but to pay.

For those whose subsidy only partially covers the cost of your premium, you are likely discovering the assistance you receive under the Affordable Care Act remains unchanged from the previous year. If possible, you can change your coverage by accepting a higher deductible to reduce your premium. However, if you are already at the highest deductible allowed, you yourself will be out-of-pocket for your premium increase.

Fortunately, I will be eligible for Medicare coverage in less than two years when I will no longer be exposed to the significant premium increases under the Affordable Care Act. My sympathies to those not so fortunate in the costly years to come.


Robert Wahl

Park Falls

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