Last week’s op-ed letters mirrored the recently held political conventions: First, we had a divisive, scare-mongering diatribe meant to portray liberals as trying to “destroy America,” much like Fox News has been saying the last 20 years. Then, as a counterpoint, a letter which called on us to come together as a nation and work together to build a better future.

Today’s GOP is a shell of its former self, especially here in Wisconsin. Our governor and legislature has been busy trying to allow more money to be spent in our elections while covering up where it comes from. They also want to make it harder to investigate wrongdoing amongst themselves. They also want to make it harder to vote, not just by passing a Voter ID law, but restricting the hours and days one can vote. Yet, the first letter writer compares the “loyal opposition” to Communists, as his own party resembles…dare I say it, 1940s fascists.

Here in the 7th Congressional District, we have a dilemma. Do we reelect a teapartier who just a few months ago called Trump a guy with “no ideas” but suddenly does a 180 and supports him? Instead, we can champion someone who actually wants to help her potential constituents instead of being bought off by Wall Street to help them repeat the recession of 2008.

Vote for Mary Hoeft and Russ Feingold to help us emerge from the Dark Ages of the last six years. Wisconsin deserves better.

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