With great appreciation to the National Honor Society of Chequamegon High School: you have restored my faith in humanity! Your generous acts of kindness are greatly appreciated. I can see why you have become “honor students.”

I am no longer able to rake my own leaves. I decided to reach out to Chequamegon High School, and found willing volunteers in the Honor Society. When you were confronted with this momentous task, you did not hesitate nor did you scratch your chin and throw your hands up in defeat. You jumped right in and tackled the challenge cheerfully and enthusiastically. Your optimism and bright outlook were most refreshing.

Our community is fortunate indeed to have students such as you, who are both willing and able to serve others when the need arises. May your lives be blessed with the success you deserve. You have been an answer to prayer.


Linn M. Plummer

Park Falls

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