Has the Price County board and highway department forgotten about the south eastern part of our county? I only ask this because one of the most traveled county roads in that area is in dire need of repair and has been for quite a few years now. It is decaying faster and faster the longer it waits to be repaired and resurfaced.

I’m speaking of the nine-mile stretch of County Highway C between the Taylor County line and State Highway 86. Other than State Highway 102, this segment of road is the only paved link from the north or south until almost 25 miles to the east at Tomahawk. It is not only traveled by the local people that reside in the area but also trucks of all sizes most of the year. It is also used by thousands of tourists each year as it is also the only way to reach Timm’s Hill County Park, the tallest point in the state from the south, not to mention the beautiful scenic drive thru the rolling hills and curves.

On many roads you will see signs like DIP, UNEVEN HIGHWAY, BUMP, or even a flag or an orange cone marking bad spots in the road. All of Price, Taylor, Lincoln, and Rusk counties wouldn’t have enough of any of these to mark this road, or maybe they should just put a sign at 86 and the Taylor County line that reads “BUMP NEXT 9 MILES.”

Highway C north of 86 was resurfaced last year and it was nowhere near in as bad of shape as “C” to the south. Highway C at the Taylor County line is in real nice shape. So why not show visitors that we can take care of our roads as well as other counties and fix Price County Highway C?


Roger E. Blomberg


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