EDITOR: The other day while going through books to donate to the library I came across a picture-and-word book designed to teach the youngest of our children about our great benefactors, founding documents and patriotism, titled "American ABC," written in 1942. Some of the more notable letter representations in the book are, "A is for America The land I love. B is for the Liberty Bell. C is for Christopher Columbus. E is for emigrants. F is for freedom. G is for George Washington. I is for the Declaration of Independence. L is for Lincoln. N is for the National Anthem. O is for Old Glory, our country's flag. P is for Pledge of Allegiance. R is for Redskins the first real Americans. T is for Thanksgiving. U is for the United States. V is for Valley Forge. Y is for Yankee Doodle. Z is for zeal an American trait."

One can ascertain by the exposition of each letter of the alphabet this book was designed to instill in our youngest Americans pride in the great country they live in. The inside cover of this book is stamped twice, once Phillips Elementary School Media Center and once discarded by the School District of Phillips. This early childhood book states many came to America to, "escape ways of living being forced upon them" and because, "this country stood for freedom".

Are we on the cusp of our country becoming what these early immigrants fled from? The benefactors and early documents guaranteeing freedom have been demonized by the left. Many on the left no longer stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, statues have been torn down and rioting condoned. On April 8, President Joe Biden stated, contrary to the very essence of attraction to early immigrants, that "no amendment to the constitution is absolute." Are the rights and freedoms of this great country being eroded to the point of discarding them as this book was discarded? Every parent needs to be aware of what their children are being taught in school. As Ronald Reagan once said, "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

Gregory Thieme,


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