A special request was made by the Price County Highway Department at the Oct. 15 county board meeting, asking that they be allowed to exceed their budget for equipment funding in order to buy three used plow trucks to replace ones in the Price County fleet that are both outdated and structurally compromised due to extensive rust and corrosion.

According to highway commissioner Joe Baratka, some of the county's trucks can no longer reliably plow roads during the winter months — which could result in road closures due to snow accumulation.

Mark Kyle, who works as fleet superintendent for the highway department, explained that the Ashland Highway Department is selling three used plow trucks which are averaging 10-15 years newer than Price County's, are averaging 130,000 fewer miles, have new or newer tires, are DOT inspected and serviced, and are designed with a single-piece frame that will help protect them from rust.

The trucks also have mechanical controls that will help eliminate issues Price County is currently seeing with their electric controls. The vehicles will also be simpler to repair, according to Kyle.

The total cost for the three vehicles is $350,000.

“This is a rare opportunity for us to get into three trucks that can help us start to upgrade our fleet, and it's the fastest way to do it,” said Kyle.

A motion was passed by the board, allowing the Highway Department to exceed their 2019 equipment budget budget by $350,000. Supervisor John Vlach cast the solitary nay vote.

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