5-12-2023 red fox

Red foxes eat lots of mice and chipmunks, which seems to reduce the number of Lyme-infected ticks on a landscape.

My eyes felt dry and tired after an early morning and a long, windy day. When an orange blur streaked across in front of my car, though, suddenly my eyes were wide open. A fox!

I slowed down and pulled onto the wide, gravel shoulder to see if I could get a better look, but I was fully expecting the fox to melt into the shadows. Instead, it trotted along the opposite shoulder, and then paused on the top of a steep bank that plunged into a dark forest. I dug my camera out of my backpack and started clicking away. The fox’s nose was deep into something delicious lying just over the edge. When I finally looked away from the viewfinder, I discovered that a second fox had joined the first.

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