Too often in the fast-paced working world, a simple expression of thanks goes by the wayside.

One of the earliest professional lessons I learned is how far a 'thank you' can go.

In the realm of community journalism, we rely on countless individuals to supply us with information and documentation, taking time out of busy schedules for interviews, putting effort into providing thoughtful comments, and sending in news tips, photos, and articles.

With the crunch of an ever-looming deadline and a veritable ocean of emails to filter through, it can be easy to neglect expressing gratitude to those that take the time to assist us in the work of keeping an informed readership.

From my role as a reporter observing the many different functions of our community, I've developed a marked appreciation for those people that make our towns function. These people are the public works employees patching sidewalks, librarians opening the door to a wealth of information, municipal clerks working tirelessly behind the scenes, teachers offering new opportunities for our youngsters, police officers performing a tough job with humanity, and citizens who plant flowers, plan events, and host fundraisers.

They are also the retired people who use their personal interests to better the community, the kids who put in the work to make dreams a reality, and every person that goes out a little out of their way to make strangers feel welcome in our towns.

The backbone of our local communities are formed by people just like this, and countless names and faces come to mind as I write this. Many of them do their jobs or volunteering in relative silence, neither asking for attention nor thanks.

Here at the newspaper, I consider it a privilege to share in the work of informing and connecting our small communities together. Nearly every article I have written over the past seven years could come with a footnote of gratitude — to those who shared their stories, those who edited my writing, and those who took the time to read it.

Each week when we send the paper to press, I hope that the readers of the Review will set down their paper with a better idea of how their communities run.

Now is a great time of year to give a nod of thanks to those individuals who make our communities run better.

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