Elise Ertl

Elise Ertl, a Phillips resident and student at the University of Wisconsin-Superior, will combine her two majors, biology and writing, in her internship, communication coastal science, with Wisconsin Sea Grant this summer.

Over the course of 10 weeks, Ertl will be joining seven other students in an inaugural internship program through Wisconsin Sea Grant. Their internships, targeted toward underserved and indigenous communities, are taking place this summer and will be rich in mentoring.

This internship will consist of three tasks. Two include assisting in planning the next season of River Talks, a monthly science café in the Twin Ports area that focuses on issues regarding the St. Louis River, and working on podcasts. The third task is to work with the Native-American perspective on aquatic invasive species. There is not a lot of information currently available on this topic, increasing the need for research to better understand views on aquatic invasive species. She hopes to gain experience with communicating and writing for the science community.

After graduation, Ertl plans to continue her education in environmental journalism.

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