The Phillips School District Board of Education is reviewing its Return to Learn Plan regarding COVID-19 safety precautions.

Superintendent Rick Morgan said the board originally went with Option A of three choices, “which is five regular days of instruction and masks optional.”

Option A called for on-site learning for grades 4K through 12 in the Phillips School District, including special education and intervention groups. Option B called for a hybrid model, with on-site learning for grades 4K through eighth, and real-time learning, a combination of small group face-to-face and scheduled online instruction, for grades nine through 12, and individual planning for special education and intervention groups. Option C was virtual (with select students who needed in-person instruction) and offered scheduled real-time learnng for all grades and groups.

At a recent school board meeting, the Return to Learn Plan was amended to allow those who had had close contact with someone testing positive for COVID-19, but had been quarantined, to attend school in-person if they were asymptomatic.

Morgan said the school district work with cohorts and Price County Public Health guidelines over the last year, where there was “very little opportunity for there to not be social distancing.”

A special board meeting was held Thursday, Oct. 7, at the Phillips Middle School “in regard to legal opinon that was requested by my board,” said Morgan. He said the county was concerned with the change for asymptomatic students.

No action was taken and any changes were tabled until the Oct. 18 regular school board meeting.

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