As I churned out this column on a sunny Monday morning, I reflected on the first sparkling signal of a gala holiday extravaganza which awaited us all at daybreak, Feb. 2, 2021, at 5 a.m.

As usual, it’s all down to the prognostications of a grubby, cranky, groundhog now. (Allow me to commend Park Falls for recognizing an alternate character in the form of a tortoise. Mayor Michael watch your hands! A tortoise is real class).

Do you have your gown or jacket and tails and those noise makers ready for the always festive Ground Hog Day ball? Dark brown fur hats? False, but convincing large buck teeth?

Here in this small town tucked in northeastern Wisconsin, I have been hearing hopeful rumors and gossip that the American people may be heading back to normal. Whatever that may be. Normal?

In a few weeks, we’re going to rouse our vaccinated bodies up out of our beds and the sun will be shining and the sound of bird calls will be heard from the big maple tree through the open window.

We can wear lipstick! Others will know we are smiling!

It will be over. The long, boring, quarantine. OVER! I declare that Ground Hog Day marks the beginning of the end.

Maybe we’ve had too much time to overthink the entire “Stay Home - Stay Save. Wear your mask! Wash your hands! Dab a little Purell behind your ears!” I for one have become jaded and twisted. I have read (and come to believe) of the final day when the library doors and the government buildings and pizza parlors fly open for good! Kids can go to school and their mask-less parents can go out for dinner and cocktails. They can all go to the movies - how about “Ground Hog Day?” I hear its really twisted, but with an enduring plot.

Students of all ages can go back to school, sit in a REAL classroom and be educated in a time honored American tradition! Teachers can make sure that their students are not reading comic books from their lap or messaging on their phones!

I never liked extreme technology and virtual classes etc. to begin with! For a tech freak like myself it has been embarrassing. Meetings held online have been painful. You can not ask what you want to and by the time you’ve waited for your square to light up (like a game show) - you’ve forgotten what your question was.

It will all be over soon and a return to lively and open government meetings will again be the “new-old normal.”

I never thought when we started this whole enduring and painful Covid lock down that we’d be here so long. People went without haircuts. They couldn’t see their doctors, dentists or even more important their FAMILIES! We stayed in for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s.

We missed birthday parties, weddings and anniversaries. I tend to be a bit reclusive myself, but I think the rest of the world should be dancing in the streets.

Things may change. Get rolled back again - but I think we are close. Very, very close.

Let’s celebrate!

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