The taint of the world-wide devil-virus continues to permeate the wind.

We are now in the thrust of a COVID-19 “surge” as numbers keep spiraling upward.

When will it move off beyond the horizon and release its tenacious grip on our planet?

Can we all take a deep breath, as the exalted vaccine research appears to be coming to fruition?

At least now there is a candle in the darkness, as we recognize the hope of an effective vaccine. Another tool in our tool box for fighting the mighty mist. Now only a few more FDA tests as the giant pharmaceuticals head towards the finish line.

The medical community and researchers who have struggled and struggled mightily, have put their own lives on the line to work with the dangerous test tubes of COVID-19, for the good of all. Americans of every stripe should commend those brave souls.

But, now with the blessed vaccine looming just ahead of us, there are still many unanswered questions. The most pressing being will you take it?

Personally, I am not sure. I am trying to read everything I can about the vaccine and then I’ll watch the reactions and side effects of those who get the first batches and how it goes for them.

Call me a chicken! Call me overly cautious! Call me alive.

The new vaccine is said to be over 90% effective. In the time of the pandemic - it is music to our ears. I was reassured that the COVID virus is not in the injection - it has been reproduced by scientists and is being deemed safe.

But, of course it doesn’t come without questions. Some of them rather unsettling.

Did you know that the vaccine must be kept at 72-degrees below zero?

The good news is that there are some freezer units that the drug companies will provide to keep the virus from going bad like so many rotten eggs.

But, I don’t believe a custom cooling unit will come cheap and will certainly complicate the delivery of the vaccines.

Although I will remain cautious, I feel like it is only right to “put on my big girl pants” and get the injections. My success or the lack thereof may guide others around me in making their own decisions.

In the past, I have gotten flu shots and other years I’ve declined. Sometimes I am glad I skipped, because it was later found out that it was not formulated to take care of the particular flu strain that was making everyone sick. Other times I skipped the shot and lost the gamble and got sicker than a proverbial dog.

I am said to be on COVID’s “vulnerable” list. Aged, cancer survivor, diabetic and kind of a poor risk for winning anything in the Olympics unless there’s a competition for “sitting.”

However, it seems important to forge ahead in the interest of science and the lives of all. I can predict there will be many who will decide to hang back and see how it works. Ethically, I think I ought to put on my cape and just jump right in there. What other chance will I get to do some good for fellow Americans? Guinea pigs can’t do all the heavy lifting!

We move forward at a glacial speed (as anything to do with government approval) but, never has anything been more important.

Each gentle reader will have to make this decision on their own and whatever they decide about accepting the injections, will be the right thing for them.

I remember the polio epidemic (yes I am that old) and I recall how injections were dispensed in the big school gym and lines of kids put out their arms and clenched their teeth and were immunized against the disease that had disabled some of their classmates. We didn’t have a choice, our Mom’s would have been really mad if we got Polio because we ducked out of the program.

Much to think about in the days ahead. Just keep in mind: roughly 246,000 Americans have succumbed to this puzzling virus. So stay well, gentle readers and wear your mask.

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