Happy New Year’s, gentle readers! I hope that you’ve got your 100-page spiral notebook in hand, so you can start a nice long list of resolutions.

Your first resolution might be to pick up such a notebook before Jan. 1 (this column being written on Dec. 25) so you can get it all down in black and white. I am really gearing up for a new year. Flip that calendar over I say!

If last year wasn’t kind to you, take the 2019 calendar out in the backyard and burn it. Time to start fresh.

This is exactly the time to get re-motivated. Pull up your socks. Take down the tree and clean up the needles. Start walking (if your sidewalks are clear) or start doing some yoga.

Resolve to go to the library more often. It is free! You’ll learn so much and you might even go in there for some “recreational reading.” It doesn’t all have to be War and Peace.

Resolve to make a new friend or reconnect with an old friend.

I recently met a new neighbor who lives on my street. She is 92-years old and is fit as a fiddle. She goes to the gym three times a week and rides her exercise bike at home (where she lives by herself in her own house and keeps it up beautifully). She was a school teacher for 45 years (seventh and eighth grade) and as they say, she is sharp as a tack. She volunteers at her church and well, suffice it to say has a good attitude. know she didn’t mean to at all — but she made me feel like a bit of a slouch. Which is OK because I can be a bit of a slouch.

We can all learn from those we meet.

So, take a deep breath and start paddling for shore.

I saw a great motivational t-shirt that said “Don’t do the same thing for 71 years and call it a life.” (You can fill in your own age, of course.)

I have been thinking that the numerals “2020” must be some kind of mystic sign. I am hoping that this will signal a year that will be more even. More balanced. More divisible by an even number. I don’t really believe in smoke and mirrors — but we really need to start a new year of deep introspection and contemplation. I think in a word it is called “courage.”

When I think of all the resolutions I have made over the years, I have to laugh. If I’d lost all the weight I promised for all these past decades — I would weigh five or six ounces!

If I’d gotten my desk organized and never missed a deadline, I’d be able to find my desktop instead of the landfill known as my desk “area.”

I intend to resolve to finish painting and updating my new/old house by spring and we’ll see how close I come. I have promised myself that if I finish, I can go outside to play — to explore my new community and to revisit the pointy pines in the Northwoods too.

Whatever you choose to do on Jan. 1 — go forth with great vigor, confidence and bravely soldier on! Remember you don’t have to be wealthy to have a good life, you can be rich in friends and family and rich in experiences.

Happy 2020!

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