Technology. The blessing and the curse. It both facilitates and impedes communications. If you’ve ever tried to engage someone in conversation who is constantly looking at their cell phone, you know what I mean.

I know little about technology. We are not friends. Frankly, we aren’t even acquaintances, I know just enough to get tangled up in the jargon and the icons and the data and not enough to make it overly valuable to me.

When tech jargon is introduced to a conversation I start to get that misted-over look. My eyes may cross and even roll back in my head.

During the early days, it seemed as if the computer jargon fell out of favor as soon as it was introduced. I decided there was no reason for me to learn the jargon that would be considered antiquated in a few months.

English is simple. It is clear and upfront. Doesn’t change much really. Computer jargon is in a constant flux of new stuff. It is also very juvenile. It is like the users have dumbed it down to the kindergarten level. Technology is a serious business.

So why use titles like TikTok? Is this a fairy tale? What about tweeting? The chosen communication platform from President Trump? There are also terms such as chirping, cheeping, and other messages that appear to have been sent by small birds. Actions on your computer are known as “clicks” that go out on the web or into cyberspace.

The web? Really? Does that have anything to do with Spiderman? Does it sound like it defines a solid purpose?

It is hard enough to use technology, without learning a whole new language.

There are bits and bytes and at the beginning of it all: Google and Apple?

Really? What about downloading and uploading? Is it a truckload of information?

I wonder over software and hardware and can’t help but thinking of hardware in terms of hammer, screwdriver, and pliers.

Tools you need on a computer would include “Firefox” or “Explorer” and “Safari” and that is a long way from my Grandpa’s toolbox.

One of the newest and most popular tech terms is “viral.” That means an extremely popular posting of some sort. It attracts so many of the aforementioned “clicks” that it is filling the social media space. That means electronic gossip.

I have no idea what hashtags are about or how about “skill-crush?”

One of the cultural issues with developing a new language is that it reminds me of when I was a kid and we would talk a childish code speak known as pig-language around others who didn’t understand pig language - just because we wanted to be superior to those speaking English. Sixth-grade stuff.

Folks who stand around and talk in computer-speak are not just carrying on a conversation - they are sending you away.

Finally, let’s think about one of the more common tech terms - cookie. If there is anything that sounds ridiculous, it is the thought that your computer can produce and direct “cookies.” I like cookies. But computer cookies are just tiny directives to all the corporations of the world that you might have an interest in something. That is why when you accidentally click on say “boots” you will be inundated with advertisements for boots.

Those annoying ads that “pop up” on your screen are some of the results of cookies. I have been known to say bad words when a pop up not only interrupts what I am reading - but overlaps the text on the screen! Rude.

Anyway, here’s a final term that I do like: Mother Board. That is the part of the computer that runs it all. Just like we Mothers do!

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