Hello, gentle readers! As most of you know, Ivy Claire and I are moving. We will be settling in a sweet, cottage-style house on a quiet street in Cliftonville. That’s between Stevens Point and Appleton.

It is located in a rolling agrarian area with big red barns and lots of small towns in between. There is little doubt it is in Wisconsin. Lots of cows.

Clintonville is a few hours from Stoughton and also the Milwaukee airport, which will make it much easier for my family and me to see each other, as opposed to the five-hour drive which was really getting difficult for a person of my genteel maturity.

My new-old house is a Dutch Colonial Revival house which needs some redecorating and repairs here and there, but it was built in 1945 and so that’s to be expected. It has a lot of charm, including a very nice front porch. I have the whole winter to settle and then in the spring, I can enjoy the yard and the park which lies directly behind us. Great place for walking Ivy. I feel very blessed to have found this house; it is the definition of a cozy home, which is just what I was looking for. (If you’d like, you can google it at 57 Torrey St.) My three boys will be of great help getting me resettled again. I hope to stay right there until I go to the big newsroom in the sky.

The first thing people say to me is, “will ‘Pegged Right’ still be published in the Price County Review?” The good news is that editor Seth Carlson has asked me if I’d keep writing and sharing it with the paper, and I was delighted that I could maintain a friendship with those who have been loyal readers.

I was touched by readers recently when I went to the Park Falls Farmers Market and had my loyal Wire Hair Fox Terrier, Ivy Claire, with me. She was very well behaved, compared to the last time I took her and she kept diving under the tables to sniff out the vendors’ lunches. So many people came up and asked me if she wasn’t the “newspaper dog.” Next, they’d ask if I was still going to keep writing, which pleased me so much. So thanks to Seth - we shall continue to appear right here.

One of my first challenges will be the physical move, but we are getting closer to getting it worked out. Picking up a person’s entire household and moving it to a different place is an adventure and a project that will challenge my mental stability. I have been “moving in my mind,” and organizing and sorting out paint colors and what to keep and what to throw out.

The carpets are all very worn, so those will have to go and I am hoping that there will be hardwood underneath. I have been reading up on ways to refinish hardwood without sanding. It may be a DIY disaster of a huge magnitude, but I am hoping it will be OK. There weren’t any plywood or subfloors used in 1945 so keep your eyes crossed for me.

I plan to paint the blond cabinets an antique white and install new rustic, black handles and teacup pulls. There are a few weeks for you!

There’s a nice room off the kitchen that has a big fireplace which I am so excited about. The sellers used it for a family room, but I plan to use it for a sunroom because there are lots of big windows.

I bought some great used wicker furniture on Craigslist at a very reasonable cost that ought to fill it up, along with the addition of some green plants.

I am glad that I have a stash of plastic totes that I’ve collected over the years and I don’t have to collect cardboard boxes (or at least not many). If I open those totes and don’t even recognize what’s in there, that means that it can go out - because I haven’t used those items in years. I am hoping I will be moved in by my birthday (October 24), and even if the totes are stacked to the ceiling and the floors are still sticky, at least Ivy and I will be home. She will have discovered the squirrels right out the windows and my intrepid terrier will sit for hours “guarding” the place from an invasion of neighborhood cats.

I will flounder about looking for that small saucepan and the blankets and of course the box with the newspaper-wrapped plates and cups.

I always have numerous storage containers marked, “Granny’s Gee Gaws and Bric A Brac.”

Just as an aside, after one of many past moves, I could not ferret out the box with glasses. So, for about a week, I was drinking my morning milk from a vase. Can’t wait! Wish me well! I will be writing to you every week from my new-old home - and missing every last one of my gentle readers and thinking of you so often. I will also be asking Ivy Claire to write a few columns about her new home to keep you all apprised. You know how she can go on.

Whew! Here we go again!

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