Price County Telephone Company has been acquired by Norvado, a cooperative TV, internet, and telephone service provider headquartered in Cable, according to a Wednesday press release by Norvado.

The PCTC network and staff, which serve about 3,000 customers, will operate going forward under the Norvado brand, which brings approximately 8,000 customers of its own primarily in Bayfield, Ashland, Sawyer, and Douglas counties.

Price County offices in Phillips and Park Falls are expected to stay open, and the 11 current staff members are expected to be retained, according to the release.

Norvado was founded in 1950 to serve the greater Chequamegon area.

“The purchase signals a significant step forward for Norvado and for the people of Price County,” said Norvado CEO Chad Young. “During this process, our board and managers were very clear that they only wanted to pursue this acquisition if it benefited both our existing members and Price County’s customers. We believe adding Price County to the Norvado family not only strengthens our position in the future, but also allows us to deliver crucial internet connections to more rural people in our state.”

“The decision to sell has not been an easy one,” said Catherine Mess, former president of PCTC. “Price County Telephone Company was formed May 1, 1900 and our family has been involved since March 1913.”

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