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Newly confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Price County are trending down for the first time in weeks, with 27 cases confirmed between Jan. 25-Feb. 1. As of Monday, Price County had confirmed a total of 1,107 cases of the virus, 27 of which were considered active.

Testing numbers in the county also decreased, with 97 tests administered in the last week compared to 155 tests the week previous. Since the start of the pandemic, there have been 6,256 tests administered in Price County, 5,149 of which have returned negative.

On Monday, there were 18,378 active cases of the virus in the state, bringing Wisconsin's total overtime to 543,165.

Even as case numbers are decreasing statewide, the number of people being vaccinated against the virus is increasing. As of Jan. 31, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services announced that 100,000 Wisconsinites had received both their first and second immunization against COVID-19.

As of Monday, there had been 543,302 vaccines administered statewide, and 1,201 in Price County. These numbers include first and second doses, and therefore do not reflect the number of people fully vaccinated against the virus.

The number of COVID-19 patients requiring hospitalization is decreasing as well, with only two Price County residents admitted to the hospital with a positive test result in the past week.

Hospital capacity rates, both in the north central region and statewide, have either decreased or held steady in the past week — and the numbers of COVID-19 patients admitted to the hospital have also declined.

As of Monday in north central Wisconsin, there were 816 of the region's 1,034 hospital beds in use, for a 79% capacity rate. There were 67 patients with a positive COVID-19 test, 15 of which were in intensive care units. Another three individuals were awaiting test results. Throughout the region, there were 49 ventilators in use.

Statewide, the hospital rate of 78% has held steady since last week, with 8,416 of the state's 10,844 available hospital beds in use. There were 686 COVID-19 patients, 146 of which were requiring intensive care. There were 44 patients awaiting test results. Across the state, there were 457 ventilators in use.

Since the start of the pandemic, 24,337 Wisconsinites have been hospitalized due to the virus, and 5,877 have died. There have been 518,801 recoveries, 1,073 of which were in Price County residents.

Some of the other counties neighboring Price County have not been so fortunate, seeing declines in new case numbers in the past week.

Oneida County had confirmed 3,139 cases as of Monday — up by 107 new cases since the week previous — with 160 active cases. There have been 146 hospitalizations, 16 of which were current, and 57 deaths attributed to the virus. A total of 2,906 people have recovered, and 19,445 tests have returned negative.

Lincoln County had confirmed 2,807 cases — up by 41 — with 45 active. There have been 109 hospitalizations and 55 deaths attributed to the virus. A total of 2,707 people have recovered, and 10,804 tests have returned negative.

Vilas County had confirmed 2,074 cases — up by 108 — with 209 active. There have been 109 hospitalizations and 35 deaths attributed to the virus. A total of 1,831 people have recovered, and 8,329 tests have returned negative.

Taylor County had confirmed 1,893 cases — up by four — with 101 active. There have been 64 hospitalizations, four of which are current, and 30 deaths attributed to the virus. There have been 5,473 tests that have returned negative.

Sawyer County had confirmed 1,417 cases — up by 29 — with 56 active. There have been 68 hospitalizations and 17 deaths attributed to the virus. A total of 1,343 people have recovered, and 7,708 tests have returned negative.

Rusk County had confirmed 1,228 cases — up by 10 — with 88 active. There have been 81 hospitalizations and 15 deaths attributed to the virus. A total of 1,125 people have recovered, and 4,619 tests have returned negative.

Ashland County had confirmed 1,148 cases, up by 24. There have been 50 hospitalizations and 16 deaths attributed to the virus. A total of 6,494 tests have returned negative.

Iron County had confirmed 476 cases, up by seven. There have been 28 hospitalizations and 19 deaths attributed to the virus. A total of 2,374 tests have returned negative.

No current information on recoveries or active case numbers was available for Iron or Ashland counties.

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