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After a lull in cases around the holiday season, newly confirmed COVID-19 numbers in Price County are once again trending upward. Between Jan. 18-25, there were 55 new cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Price County, with 50 of those considered active as of Monday.

Testing numbers are also gradually increasing, with 155 tests administered last week. There have been 6,159 tests administered in Price County since the start of the pandemic, with 1,080 positives and 5,079 negatives.

Although there has only been one new hospitalization of a Price County resident due to COVID-19 in the past week (bringing the county’s total number of COVID-19 related hospitalizations to 83), hospitals in the north central region of Wisconsin once again saw a higher number of patients last week.

With 848 of the 1,022 available hospital beds in use, the region’s hospitals stood at 83% capacity on Monday. There were 79 patients with a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis as of that date, 23 of which were requiring intensive care. One individual was awaiting test results to determine if they had COVID-19. There were 33 ventilators in use, assisting people who could not breathe on their own.

Statewide, however, hospital capacity rates have improved somewhat from a week ago, with 8,413 of the 10,802 available hospital beds in use for a 78% capacity rate statewide. A total of 772 patients had confirmed COVID-19 diagnoses, 172 of which were requiring intensive care. Another 69 patients were awaiting the results of COVID-19 testing. There were 416 mechanical ventilators in use statewide as of Monday.

Wisconsin stood at 533,917 confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of Monday, with 22,041 active cases. The virus has resulted in 23,748 hospitalizations since the start of the pandemic, and has been attributed as the leading cause in 5,699 deaths. There have been 505,987 recoveries recorded.

There have been 1,023 recoveries from the virus documented in Price County.

Of the counties neighboring Price, Oneida County had the highest number of new cases in a week with 86, while Taylor County had the lowest with 19.

As of Monday, Oneida County had confirmed 3,032 cases — up by 86 from the week previous — with 138 active as of that date. There have been 145 hospitalizations, 13 of which are current, and 55 deaths attributed to the virus. A total of 2,826 people have recovered, and 18,493 tests have returned negative.

Lincoln County had confirmed 2,766 cases — up by 59 — with 56 active. There have been 107 hospitalizations and 54 deaths attributed to the virus. A total of 2,656 people have recovered and 10,567 tests have returned negative.

Vilas County had confirmed 1,966 cases — up by 60 — with 160 active. There have been 103 hospitalizations and 34 deaths attributed to the virus. A total of 1,773 people have recovered and 8,186 tests have returned negative.

Taylor County had confirmed 1,889 cases — up by 19 — with 111 active. There have been 68 hospitalizations, four of which are current, and 30 deaths attributed to the virus. A total of 1,778 people have recovered and 5,392 tests have returned negative.

Sawyer County had confirmed 1,388 cases — up by 53 — with 79 active. There have been 65 hospitalizations and 17 deaths attributed to the virus. A total of 1,291 people have recovered and 7,576 tests have returned negative.

Rusk County had confirmed 1,218 cases — up by 22 — with 116 active. There have been 79 hospitalizations and 14 deaths attributed to the virus. A total of 1,088 people have recovered and 4,538 tests have returned negative.

Ashland County had confirmed 1,124 cases — up by 35. There have been 48 hospitalizations and 16 deaths attributed to the virus. A total of 6,372 tests have returned negative.

Iron County had confirmed 469 cases — up by 24. There have been 27 hospitalizations and 19 deaths attributed to the virus. A total of 2,331 tests have returned negative.

No current information on recoveries or active case numbers was available for Iron or Ashland counties.

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