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With only one new case confirmed in Price County between March 15-22, the area is at its lowest active case numbers since last summer, with only two active cases on Monday.

Vaccination rates have increased as new cases have decreased, with 27% of the county’s population having received at least one shot as of Monday, and another 16.6% fully immunized.

The county had confirmed 1,174 cases since the start of the pandemic, with 1,165 recoveries. There have been 90 hospitalizations and seven deaths directly related to the virus.

There were only nine patients currently hospitalized due the virus in north central Wisconsin as of Monday. However, five of those patients had severe enough symptoms to be in intensive care units. Statewide, there were 203 patients hospitalized with COVID-19, 57 of which were requiring intensive care. Another 32 patients were awaiting the results of testing.

A quarter of the state’s population had received at least their first dose of the vaccine as of Monday, while 14.8% were fully immunized.

Oneida had the highest number of new cases between March 15-22, with 30 newly confirmed. Overtime, the county has confirmed 3,380 cases, 30 of which were active on Monday. There have been 170 hospitalizations (up by four from the week previous) and 69 deaths associated with the virus. A total of 3,276 people have recovered, and 24,901 tests have returned negative.

Lincoln County had confirmed 2,930 cases — up by two — with 18 active cases. There have been 118 hospitalizations and 60 deaths (two of which are new). A total of 2,852 people have recovered, and 12,070 tests have returned negative.

Vilas County had confirmed 2,311 cases — up by eight — with 50 active cases. There have been 129 hospitalizations (up by one from the week previous) and 42 deaths (also up by one). A total of 2,214 people have recovered and 9,288 tests have returned negative.

Taylor County had confirmed 2,009 cases, 24 of which were active. There have been 63 hospitalizations and 30 deaths. A total of 1,955 people have recovered and 5,852 tests have returned negative.

Sawyer County had confirmed 1,550 cases — up by seven — with 15 active cases. There have been 76 hospitalizations and 29 deaths. A total of 1,511 people have recovered and 8,300 tests have returned negative.

Rusk County had confirmed 1,279 cases — up by six — with 30 active cases. There have been 86 hospitalizations and 16 deaths. A total of 1,233 people have recovered and 4,998 tests have returned negative.

Ashland County had confirmed 1,190 cases, up by five. There have been 54 hospitalizations and 16 deaths. A total of 6,888 tests have returned negative.

Iron County had confirmed 558 cases, up by three. There have been 41 hospitalizations and 21 deaths. A total of 2,551 tests have returned negative.

Active case numbers and recoveries were not available for Iron and Ashland counties.

Statewide, 572,770 cases have been confirmed, 6,163 of which were considered active as of Monday. There have been 6,576 people who have died due to the virus and 27,126 people have been hospitalized. A total of 559,872 people have recovered, and 2,688,686 tests have returned negative.

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