The Price County Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA)/Mental Health Coalition has teamed with Northwood’s Tobacco-Free Coalition to educate the public about vaping and electronic cigarettes. Vaping, sometimes known as juuling, utilizes a battery-powered device often shaped to look like a USB flash drive or pen, making them difficult to spot. The e-cigarette (or vape) heats a small amount of “juice” which contains nicotine or THC, the compound found in marijuana, and an assortment of flavorings that often appeal to youth. An e-cigarette can contain as much nicotine as 20 traditional cigarettes according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Vaping poses a serious health concern for both youth and adults.

To ensure the community fully understands the nature of the vaping epidemic, the Northwood’s Tobacco-Free and Price County AODA/Mental Health Coalitions have co-launched a communications initiative in partnership with area school districts.

The initiative includes placement of important facts into sports programs at Chequamegon schools. Recently covered topics include general vaping facts, and how to talk to kids about vaping. Additional topics will follow.

Display cases and booths also hold a prominent role in this initiative. Megan Ziembo, Price County Public Health Hygienist, hosted a booth at the Phillips Middle and High School August Open House, sharing resources addressing vaping and nicotine use. Kristi Arntsen, Flambeau Hospital Respiratory Therapist, will have a display at the Chequamegon District. She will also cover the topic at the upcoming Cardiac Rehab Support Group from 9-10 a.m. on Oct. 1 at Kountry Kafe in Fifield. Any former graduates of cardiac rehabilitation are welcome.

Anyone interested in further information regarding vaping can call Megan Ziembo at 715-339-5311. To learn how to get involved with this initiative or to express concern or support, contact Annie Knudson at 715-762-7575.

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