Terri Kaiser

When you look up into the night skies, do you really know what you’re looking at anymore? Among the stars are hidden a multitude of satellites, planets, comets, galaxies far away, and our good old moon still hanging in there. If you’re lucky, you might catch a shooting star or the northern lights.

It seems our fascination with UFO’s and aliens is growing. Do you ever watch Ancient Aliens? Shows like that may have something to do with it, or maybe we humans are expanding our minds, willing to explore that which we don’t fully understand.

Now, obviously, aliens are technically WAY ahead of us. So why then, are they so ugly? Think about it. Renderings we’ve seen of them are always the same—stick-skinny bodies, huge eggheads, no hair, and with eyes that remind me of amplified insects we see in horror movies. And they don’t have mouths which makes me think they are missing out on some really great food. We, of such lower intelligence, are beautiful in comparison. We all have our individual features, no two alike, unless you’re identical twins, but even then there are subtle differences. They, of superior intelligence are all the same and can’t seem to figure out how to make themselves more pleasing to the eye. I know, looks aren’t everything, but cripes, why would you look like that if you didn’t have to? Could it be that they focus on intelligence over beauty? I guess that’s a thought to ponder.

There was one night…should I tell this or not…okay, here goes.

Shortly after moving into our current home in 1993, we were sitting around the fire about 10pm. A perfect night, the sky so big and black with stars winking down in a smattering of jewels. We sent the boys in for the night and decided, my husband and I, to take a short walk.

As we strolled along the gravel drive one of us noticed a large white light coming across the night sky, traveling at a speed unlike any airplane, without a sound, and larger than any aircraft we’d ever seen before. We stopped dead in our tracks. This was definitely something out of the ordinary. Our heads moved in unison as the ‘thing’ passed above, and as we shifted our gaze, noticed another similar light in the sky, but completely stationary.

“Look!” we said at once.

The bright object we’d been following met the other, they melded into one, then zipped straight upward and were gone. We stood there, in absolute silence, both thinking, ‘did we just see what we saw?’ Within seconds, two fighter jets raced through, flying very low and loud over the tops of the trees. It was then we knew we’d seen something highly irregular.

Okay, think what you will, but we’ve told this story to family and friends and no one has called us crazy yet. It seems that when we retell what we saw that night, others have stories of their own. My Dad told of seeing something so odd in the sky one night, it caused him to pull over to the side of the road and get out of his truck.

I feel privileged to have seen what we did. There’s more to the story of life in this solar system than we think. I firmly believe that. It is with wonder and amazement that I say, ‘we don’t know it all.’ Will we ever? Maybe we shouldn’t.

Of course, if an alien pulled up one night and wanted to take me for a ride? Oh, goodness no! No way. Although I might offer up my husband (he said I could say that).

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