Terri Kaiser

I used the key to our storage unit, opened the door, picked my jaw up off the floor, and quickly closed it again. That little space, six by ten, was filled to the top. I’m not kidding. Was this my doing? Absolutely not, and I’ll just leave it at that.

There are many keys we have at our disposal in this life: keys to the house, the keys to life if you want to get deep, the key to our hearts if you’re feeling mushy, the key to the lawnmower cuz it’s just that time of year, the proper key in which to sing a song which reminds me of the keys of a musical instrument, or the key (or legend) of a map that when followed south takes us to the Florida Keys. See what I did there?

According to Bert McCoy “The key to peace of mind is to laugh, smile, and live in the present moment.” Good advice, I think. The past can be so messy and unsettling, therefore, full of regret. On the other hand, those past memories can be so sweet they fill the heart with an ache for what once was. And so, yes, let’s live in the present for it’s really all we’ve got. Another great quote I will stick in here is from Tom Althouse who writes, “When the symphony of life fills your heart, the chorus of contentment joins in.” Nice, huh?

I once gave the key to my heart at Halloween and wouldn’t you know a big, scary beast opened the door. That night of spooks and goblins, ghosts and all things scary, is when I met my husband. An omen of things to come, you might ask. I guess it’s all in the perception, but I’m laughing as I write this. He was dressed in a scary ape costume, but the only trick or treat he got was me. Now who’s laughing?

Giving the key to your heart is truly one of the biggest gestures we will make, and sometimes we will do it more than once. And what, pray tell, is that key? Well, it’s trust. It’s trusting that this other person will love us as we do them. It’s trusting that they will accept us as we are, bunions and all. Oh, I could go on and on, but that’s an essay for Valentine’s Day.

Up to a few days ago, you’d think we couldn’t find the key to the lawnmover, but lo and behold, the rain abated enough that my husband was able to get the lawn mowed. If he’d have waited a few days, he could have done it in his winter jacket. Such is life in northern Wisconsin. Summer will show sooner or later and then we’ll get out the key to the camper. Anticipation abounds!

Now, back to the Florida Keys. Never been there but hope to someday. Perhaps if I find this so-called key of life, I’d also find the key to my peace of mind, which would then inspire me to dig out a map, follow the key to the Florida Keys where, I am certain, I will find the key to my heart in my traveling companion who just so happens to be the ape I met on Halloween. There, I’m done.

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